Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bupkus. Zippo.

Well, actually that's a slight exaggeration. I found 2 hubcaps today. This is normal for the summer months -- my time is better spent working on caps that are waiting to be reconditioned, rather than out on the highway not finding anything. But, I'm still exploring the Philly area. I moved here from North Jersey 2 years ago, and spent the first year-and-a-half moving hubcaps from my old place and getting my business set up. So I really don't know the roads here as well as I should. I'll be taking some drives this summer to get to know my way around and scope out spots that look good, so I'll be ready for winter. Some photos from today:

The Schuylkill is probably the only major highway in existence that routinely grinds to a halt on Sunday mornings. That should be some kind of test for highway engineers. If your road can't even keep moving on Sundays, you should find another occupation.

Going over the Ben Franklin toward Camden, NJ.

Here you can see the Divine Lorraine Hotel on Broad Street. This was the headquarters of some kind of cultish religious organization for a long time. Now it's empty. There's been talk of renovating it and converting it into condos for several years, but as you can see here, it doesn't look like anything is happening yet. I just hope it doesn't get torn down; it's a really neat-looking building.

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