Sunday, March 23, 2008

More of I-95

Northbound traffic near Cottman Ave.

Ben Franklin Bridge off in the distance.
Somebody tagged the Jersey barrier pretty elaborately, in a place where there's really no standing room. Now that's dedication.
This cap looked like it was being absorbed into the Earth. Fortunately I snatched it from the jaws of Mother Nature.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hubcap Archaeology

This wheel cover from a '66 Mustang was almost completely buried along the 42 Freeway in Runnemede NJ. Here's how it looked when it saw the light of day for probably the first time in decades.

Early this morning I headed over the Walt Whitman into NJ. I don't normally drive this bridge at rush hour, but I bet it doesn't look like this.

42 is built on a very high berm above ground level. Here you can see where a bike path passed below it.

Over the years, lots of hubcaps have been launched over this guardrail and into the woods. As you can see here, the grade along the highway is almost vertical, so retrieving them is tricky.