Sunday, October 7, 2007

Girard Point Bridge

It's getting close to capping season, but we're still having 85-degree days in October, so I bet it won't be before the end of the month that enough of the plants and leaves die off to expose all the caps that were lost over the summer. In the meantime, I took a drive today just to scope out some places where I might want to take a walk when that time comes. I snapped a couple photos of one of my favorite bridges in the Philly area, the Girard Point Bridge. It carries 95 across the Schuylkill, and is noteworthy for its double-decker design -- the southbound lanes are stacked on top of the northbound lanes. Here is the southbound approach to the Girard Point:

And a shot taken while driving in the nothbound lanes, showing the structure of the southbound lanes above me:

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